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Deworming program - Thursday, April 27, 2017

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Moment of prayer
Special prayer. for Pastor Moonroven as the new appointed Under Secretary of the GC.
Millenium Hotel - Liberia.
Pastor Enang presenting to Pastor Elie Weick a photo Album of the first WAD Spirit of Prophecy Symposium.
“Advent Messengers” singing during the devotion service.
The Executive Secretary closed his report by thanking everyone including his secretarial department team, both those present with him in Monrovia and those in the office, Abidjan.
The Wad Treasurer concluded his report with appreciation to his team, colleagues and others. The President, Pr Weick appreciated both Elder Manu and Pr Kingsley for their reports.
WAD Leaders present the new WAD ADRA Associate Director, Pastor Amegnito.
Pastor Francis Daria, President of NNUC closes the day with message.
Elder Paul Ogaga -WAD One Year in Mission (OYIM) Coordinator Elder Ogaga is a layman from Eastern Nigeria Union Conference with a passion for urban evangelism and was invited to the WAD Mid-Year meeting for the inauguration of OYIM in WAD.
Pastor Salomon shared the last message.
WAD Mid-Year Meeting 2018 - Family photo