You are welcome to FAMILY LIFE IMPACT WEEK OF PRAYER. This week is also for

preparation towards World Church Impact Day coming up on April 20, 2019. The

rationale for this is that you need to receive the blessings in this material first before sharing with others because you cannot give what you do not have. The taste of the pudding is in the eating. All hands should be on deck. All departments of the church are to use this week for in-reach and out-reach. Speakers are to be carefully and specially selected.


Developing a healthy family is among the most challenging tasks human beings can undertake.

Even when people are intentional about having healthy relationships in their families, it is still challenging—despite our best intentions— because we are all human, and every human being is imperfect. Our failings make it very difficult to sustain healthy relationships.

However, there is hope for today’s families. Things can get better. Our children can grow up and become positive and vibrant human beings. We can learn to overcome negative attitudes. As you embrace God’s reasons for creating the family, it is possible to have stronger and healthier family relationships.


Various methods for conducting this week of prayer is being proposed in order to

accommodate all classes of church members and special guests.

1. Traditional method—all members come together in their local church.

2. Small Group—Action Unit, or House Fellowship.

3. Office Group—Two or more members within office proximity.

4. Business Group—Two or more members within business proximity.

5. WhatsApp/Face Book Group—Some church members can connect through WhatsApp/Face

Book/Phone to conduct the week of prayer. Share your daily reading experience with someone who you are committed/responsible to.


Reserve some minutes for group discussion on suggested questions following the reading or any related question in line with the topic of the day. Couples can share their experience of how God helped them to overcome potential conflicts or trying time. Your testimony can help someone.


1. Each group member gets the material—hard or soft copy

2. Each group member reads the material

3. Share testimonies and prayer requests

4. Pray for one another and pray for requests from other sources

5. Encourage each member to donate books for distribution during impact day

6. Encourage each member to participate in the mass distribution of Missionary Book on the IMPACT Day

7. Encourage members to continue to share Missionary Book to their friends, neighbors, work mates e.t.c. after IMPACT Day.

8. Write reports and inspiring testimonies about the week of prayer and IMPACT Day

9. Encourage each group member to participate in the exercises in the appendix.

10. Discuss how best to improve on the prayer program and M issionary Book distribution.

11. Singles are encouraged to read the chapter Finding Peace as a Single Person in the main text book.


Each group leader is encouraged to read the entire book The Power of Hope, from where the week of prayer reading was extracted. This will give him/her deeper insight and additional information to share with the group.

Church leaders are praying for you that this week of prayer will bring abundant blessings to all families. There are suggested prayer requests for each day. Solicit for prayers from group members. May God heal all homes that are in distress and sustain those that are flourishing.