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A License for Hope Channel Ghana

Posted on Jul 23 2018


A License for Hope Channel Ghana


The Adventist Church in Ghana has received state license to establish and operate a television station in Ghana. Known as Hope Channel Ghana, it will be an affiliate of the Hope Channel International, the first in the West-Central Africa Division. Test transmission starts on July 1st 2018.

The National Communications Authority of Ghana issued a license to the Church through ADRA Ghana in March 2018 and, according to the Com­munication Department, its reach extends beyond Ghana because it will be transmitted via satellite covering the entire West Africa.

The TV project is a joint initiative of the two Unions in Ghana and in a mee­ting held on May 28, 2018, leaders of Adventist Institutions pledged their support to finance and promote the initiative.

“We are all excited by this. It was long overdue and our members had conti­nually yearned for this, I am so happy it is now here and the opportunities it affords to the Church is endless,” the Southern Ghana Union Conference President, Pastor Thomas Ocran said.

And according to the President of the Northern Ghana Union Conference, Pastor Kwame Boakye Kwanin, it will serve as a useful tool for teaching and evangelism.

On Saturday May 5, 2018, all Churches were informed of the project and the excitement was great. “At long last, I had prayed for this for years,” said a member who could not hide his joy. The project cost is estimated at $500,000 and will be funded by both church and individual support and sponsorships. July 28, 2018 has been slated to raise funds in support of the initiative. Keep praying for the Church in Ghana.

Solace Asafo