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Posted on Jul 23 2018


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It was September 25-28, 2017 when we attended the second GC stewardship Advisory upon the back drop that the department has seen a change of leadership during the last GC spring meeting in Washington DC. Hence, the new directors through “much prayers, as well as guidance from books such as Ellen G. White’s Counsel on Stewardship and Dr. Robert Mclver’s recent research (2016) as presented in Tithing Percentages Among Seventh-day Adventists: A study of Tithe Demographics and Motives in Australia, Brazil, England, Kenya and United States” (Dynamic Steward,  Bomfim p.3 2017). The meeting focused on the new strategic plan of the department and the “God First Agenda.”

In summary the plan sought to achieve the following; 

  1. Encourage Divisions to collaborate with GC Stewardship Ministries department to lunch the “God First Agenda” keeping our focus on financial stewardship since leaving that out could mean our redundancy and eventually the loose of our relevance.
  2. Consistence with her motto of “God First” which encourages every division to “…lead every church member to develop intimacy with Him through personal habits of communion with Him, daily Bible study (SS Quarterly), reading of spirit of prophecy books, keeping the Sabbath Holy, practicing healthy reform, and total member involvement etc. This includes, maintaining healthy relationships, returning faithful tithe and offering which is focused on spiritual growth or revival and reformation.  
  3. As goal of this strategic plan three areas were to be considered; a. growing spiritually, b. Growing in nurture and growing in knowledge which is actually meant to improve the spiritual life of the members.
  4.  That we intentionally seek to grow tithers by at least 5% by the end of the quinquennial.
  5. That a holy convocation which is a one-week Revival and Reformation program that has the blessing of binding together the main initiatives of this strategic plan.

Based upon the above, WAD strategic plan was amended to reflect and implement the “God First Agenda.” Therefore, in the 2017 year-end meeting it was voted to permit us to host a Stewardship Convention in Accra Ghana at Valley View University from May 27 to June 2, 2018. Our focus therefore shifted a little from Spiritual renewal to spiritual growth with the caption, “Growing in Christ: Bearing fruits that remain.” 

 It is precipitated, on our firm believe that spiritual growth is what we need to increase members faithfulness to God and our fellow men. In our view, we understand that such growth is sustainable when our relationship with God is anchored on the Lordship of Jesus Christ, our strength is  further sustained when we have daily communion with God, when our minds are focused on mission and when we are truly dedicated disciples of Jesus Christ making disciples of others.


 In all there were 70 participants excluding facilitators. All unions were represented except for one director who rather could not be present because of being in Rome. There were five facilitators, from outside WAD and four from within. Included in the five from outside; are Marcos Bomfim the GC stewardship director, Dr. Hiskia Missah GC associate stewardship director, Dr. Billy Biaggi GC vice president, Prof. Samson Nwaomah dean of Theology AUA and Prof. Gideon Petersen from SID. The three within are; Prof. Daniel Bediako VC, Dr. Paul Adu Sampa director stewardship SGUC, Dr. Kwame B. Kwanin and Jallah S. Karbah Director WAD. We were also blessed with two conference presidents and two union presidents. Glory be to God.


  1. Promise Concept
  2. Principles Promise Promisors
  3. Stewards as Missionary
  4. Stewards of God’s Mission
  5. A Missionary Heart
  6. Stewardship A Platform of Growth
  7. Contentment and Stewardship
  8. Foundation of Stewardship and Worship
  9. Spiritual Growth and Stewardship
  10. Stewards Recognize and Accept the Lordship of Jesus
  11. A Brief Definition of Stewardship
  12. The Second Tithe
  13. Take the Time
  14. The Grass Is For The Sheep Not For The Shepherd
  15. Wad New Way of Giving
  16. Wad Project Giving
  17. Principle of Living Based In Love
  18. How To Teach Our Children Stewardship Principles


As follow-up we have set ourselves to visit the ten unions within WAD to have our pastors and members cure in and participate in the “God First” agenda and per consequence grow spiritually as well. For those we will not be able to reach depending on budget and the availability of time, will be scheduled for early next year. As part of the “God First” agenda, we look forward to conducting some holy convention as well. Last but not the least is a documentary on the just ended convention being processed in Ghana.  Hoping when  finished will be made available on WAD platform. 

      Jallah Karbah

 Director Stewardship, WAD.