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More Than 1500 Women Gathered For A Congress

Posted on Apr 19 2018

More Than 1500 Women Gathered For A Congress.

[Photo: Mrs Sessou Teaching]

It was during the second national Adventist women ministries congress that took place from April 2nd to 8th 2018, in Cameroon.

Women arrived from the ten regions of Cameroon to take part in the National Adventist women congress in the city of Ngaoundere, the head city of the region of Adamaoua. 

The Union president, Pastor Assembe Valere came with WAD Women Ministries Director, Mrs. Sessou Obomonike along with many other participants. The plane landed at the international airport of Garoua. They completed their travel to the city of Ngaoundere by car. The venue was the square named “place du cinquantenaire”.

[Photo: From left to right Adamaoua Governor-Ps Assembe-Mrs Sessou-Mrs Bitti]

For the opening program, the Adventist women had a procession throughout the major streets of the city giving away books and printed pages. The representative of the local authorities in his address declared: “I am marveled to see such gathering and commitment from women of various ages.” 

One word was the bottom line of all the triennial program: Prayer. Much prayer. Nathal Wandji, one the participants reported that the women who shared her dormitory would wake up at 3 a.m. and pray until 4.00. That spiritual exercise was the cornerstone of the congress under the theme: “Women for Christ, Light of the world, be lighted up.”

Actually, they shone all over the city. They could be seen everywhere and by anyone in the city. Pastor Madi Yaya, Amadaoua Adventist Conference president stated: “The presence of the participants increased the visibility of the church in Nagoundere. The church has won more respect and consideration.” The women carried out humanitarian activities through assistance to specific needy people and old people.

They also receive trainings. There were testimonies for what God had done in the life of his children. Some women stopped fire, some escaped from the destroyer. And there were miraculous healings, reunions, restoration of broken homes, etc. Pasteur Assembe Valère warned, “Take care lest your light could turn into darkness!” Mrs. Sessou encouraged the women to keep shining. 

Also on the program, the graduation ceremony for the women who took part in leadership programs, from Level 1 to Level 4.  Sister Bitti Christine, the Cameroon women ministries director supervised the training. Then, Mrs. Sessou rightly declared, “You showed that you deserve these certificates”. 

[Photo:Pastor Assembe-Mama Akoumba-Mrs Sessou]

The closing of the congress was held on Saturday April 7th 2018. The day before, on Friday, 1500 had a Lord Supper service. The participants left the venue spiritually energized and ready for the next meetings: In Ghana in 2019 for the WAD Women ministries congress and in 2021 in western Cameroon for the national Adventist women congress.

Abraham Bakari

CMUM Communication 


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