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The 3rd Burundian contingent of MINUSCA flies to the rescue the Seventh-day Adventist Church of Sibut in the Central African Republic.

Posted on Apr 10 2018

The 3rd Burundian contingent of MINUSCA flies to the rescue the Seventh-Day Adventist Church of Sibut in the Central African Republic.

[Photo: Nails handed to Pastor Boroma ]

Members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Sibut Town, Kemo Central Local Government, in  C.A.R. witnessed  on Sabbath, February 10, 2018, a donation of construction materials ceremony by the 3rd Burundian contingent of MINUSCA (United Nations Mission in Central Africa).

The official festivities took place on the new site that the Cadastre Services granted to the Adventist Mission in C.A.R. Were present for the occasion, the Governor  of KEMO, the Mayor of Sibut, the traditional rulers, the Burundian contingent represented by his second in command, the Military Chaplain and the Major, responsible for the Adventist Christians within this contingent . The delegation from Bangui was led by Pastor Elie BOROMIA, President of the Mission, Mrs. MOBIA Félicité Lafortune, Secretary-Treasurer of the Mission and the Communication Director of the Mission, Elder Tita-SAMBA.

After the worship of that day, the donation ceremony was punctuated with three speeches. On this occasion, the Deputy Commander of the 3rd Burundian contingent of MINUSCA first congratulated the initiative and appealed to all other brothers to support the promotion of peace in C.A.R that is struggling  to get up. He hopes that with the given materials, a beautiful church will be built and in this church will be taught love as the Lord wishes for all men.

[Photo: Delivery of sheet metal to the mission in C.A.R  ]

In his words of thanks, Pastor Elie BOROMIA urged his listeners to cultivate the character of the Good Samaritan. This contribution, according to the Pastor, goes straight to the hearts of Central Africans in general, and brothers and sisters, members of the Sibut Adventist Church particularly. In her turn, Madam the Governor appreciated the gesture of the Adventist Christians of the Burundian contingent. She also expressed her intention to help the Sibut Adventist community finish their Temple building. She also urged church leaders to make good use of the materials received.

Indeed, a few years ago, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Sibut was implanted by one of the pioneers, Pastor Clement Claude COLONGONDAT. Unfortunately, this church could not be organized. The current administration of the Mission, in its reconstruction strategy, planned to give hope to church members. Therefore, they found it useful to assign Pastor Benjamin NGATE in that locality because, like other cities of the country, Sibut experienced the throes of military-political crises.

Thus, the Burundi contingent of the United Nations Mission present in the area, with 150 peacekeepers, including a dozen women and men belonging to the Adventist Church, have kindly marked their passage in this locality. They decided, a few weeks before the end of their mission in the D.R.C. to participate in the construction of the Temple of Sibut, in memory of their passage in that city.

The Mission is the first entity responsible for the development of the Work of God. However, when you see the enormous challenges she faces and ponder on them, you realize that the responsibility for making the church more compelling lies with all its members, no matter where they are.

The example of this small group of men from their native Burundi for a mission to restore peace in the Central African Republic must inspire.

Tita-SAMBA Solé

Department Director of communication & PARL

UMAC Bangui / RCA


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