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Posted on Mar 06 2018



CMUM Secretariat Evaluation-GC WAD Team members. [Photo credit: UMCM]

The team from the General Conference (GC) and the West-Central Africa Division (WAD) examined the copy of the Cameroon Union Mission on February 5 and 6, 2018 in Yaounde. That was the very first experience.

The atmosphere is apprehensive because it is the first time for many participants. The secretariat evaluation and nurture started well in the morning of February 5, 2018. Twenty people met for the session.

On the first side, the team members were composed of the two associate secretaries of the GC, John Thomas and Hensley Moorooven; the WAD secretary, Kingsley Anonaba with the two assistant secretaries, Stella Love Drah and Selom Sessou; and four other members. Then on the other side, the interviewees included the president and the treasurer of the Cameroon Union Mission (CMUM) as well as some departmental and institution directors. And besides, four observers were invited.

From the beginning, John Thomas, Associate Secretary at the General Conference clarified the purpose of such an exercise in the life of the organization. Reports of poor documentation management and challenging access to the Church information around the world have fueled this initiative. It is not going to be about attacking someone's position, but rather building the structural and functional capacity of the secretariat by reviewing the practices. And then some recommendations will be made for more effective and efficient service.

The first day of the interviews provided an insight into the functioning of the secretariat, of its weaknesses and strengths. Using two questionnaires, the Executive Secretary and his department were fully evaluated. From spiritual qualities and professional skills to the interpersonal and administrative skills, a triple evaluation was conducted. The first evaluation was submitted before the session: the Executive Secretary online self-assessment. The second evaluation before the session was submitted online by the interviewees. And the third evaluation was collective.

The second day made it possible to touch the secretariat service environment. The visit of the offices and the new documentation center revealed that CMUM is a good student. Indeed, in December 2017, the two assistant secretaries of the WAD, Selom Sessou and Stella Love Drah trained the secretariat team and coached the implementation of the reforms. A state-of-the-art fire-proof equipment has been purchased and all archives are tidy and safe from paper-damaging factors such as moisture and light. The CMUM secretary, Yenge Yenge Yenge Isaac could express his appreciation: "our administration is integrated and is now tied to the professionalism drive."

As a result of this assessment, the WAD Secretary, Anonaba Kingsley said, "it was a wonderful exercise. Today we can see the Division personnel and the Secretariat are results-oriented, well focused and Cameroon has taken a stand to claim professionalism.” The head of this evaluation mission, the GC Associate Secretary, John Thomas expressed his satisfaction: "We have had an enjoyable time here at the Cameroon Union Mission. And through God’s grace, we have found that things are in order and are moving ahead to a higher level of professionalism for which we are very grateful".

The mission of preaching the Gospel was at the rendezvous. After the rough hours of the day, Hensley Moorooven, Selom Sessou and Stella Love Drah regained the various sites where they had to share the Word of God in the context of Pentecost 2018. The heart of the Secretariat in Cameroon can normally beat.

Abraham BAKARI

CMUM Communication