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Cameroon: The Dental Clinic celebrtates forty years of activities.

Posted on Sep 07 2017


[Pastor Assembe's speech]

To celebrate the 40 years of existence and service of the Adventist dental clinic, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Cameroon led by her President, Pastor Valère, met with the staff of the clinic and other guests on the esplanade of the Union’s building. This ceremmony was presided over by the minister of Public Health, Mr. André Mama Fouda. Indeed, since July17, 2017, the clinic had launched the activities of the week  with free consultations and treatments at reduced costs. On Monday July 20th, properly started the celebrations, honored by the Minister of Public Health, Mr. Fouda and the Presiddent of the National Council of Dental Surgeons in Cameroon.

During this ceremony, 12 poeple were honored for service render. Among them, Madeleine Isso’oh, a dental assistant and Christine Bitti a dental hygienist, received their medals from the Mr. Fouda.These two recipients were among those who witnessed the inauguration  of the clinic in 1977 under the administration of Dr. Prunty Robert and his collaborators Cobb Daniel Edwards and Garbutt Arthur Norman.

These ladies had never dreamed during their loyal services in this clinic receiving an honorary distinction. « When we entered this clinic, we were recruted as missionaries. Our duty was to serve the Lord by taking care of the oral health of the patients, and now that the Church and the State recongnize our effort, it is an immense favor from God as we receive these medals from the administration. We say thank you to you all », said Madeleine Issoo’oh the oldest of the workers.

The accumulated experience of 40 years is « a sign of patience », sais Pastor Assembe. This celebration aim at extending the services of the clinic in other regions of the country. It is in this perspective that Dr. Felix Mahélé Antoine, Director of the clinic presented during the ceremony, the project of renovation of its technical platform, the opening of an annex clinic in Buea, and the initiative of a mobile clinic for the victims of Boko-Haram in the Northern part of Cameroon.  According to Doctor Jean Paul Assam Assam, Health and Youth department Dorector of the Union, we must  set up health policy that can allow us to acheive the expected goals. « In order to reach the objectives of this vision, the Church in this missionary field must encourage the youth to engage themselves in the health mministry to reinforce the professional competences of our staff ».

These initiatives were welcomed by the Minister of Health who chaired this ceremony. « We need quality care structures », he said in his address to the participants. While congratulating the organizers for a successful ceremony, Mr. Fouda urged the Church and its leaders to be more determined in their search for viable, capable means and indicators that respond more effectively to the health needs of the populations. 

Florence Suzy
Reporter CMUM