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128 Students graduated.

Posted on Sep 06 2017


   At the end of their three years’ training, crowned by a bachelor degree, 128 students recived from the authorities of Cosendai their certificate as nurses, managers, computer scientists, educators and pastors.
This graduating ceremony took place on Sunday 2 July, 2017 at the University of Cosendai, Nanga-Eboko. The 128 persons who graduated were composed of 75 young men and 53 young ladies from Cameroon, Chad, Senegal, Benin Republic, Congo and Democratic Republic of Congo. Were present for the occasion, traditionnal, religious and administrative authorities thus attesting the importance of education for the emergence of Africa.

To this end, Professor Jean Biwole Fouda,  one of the former students of this University created in 1996, and Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management of the University of Yaounde II, and guest speaker, laid emphasis on making constant effort while    addressing the students. « You need to be diligent in each of the roles that you will be in charge of. In addition to your academic training, be creative and pursue excellence. In so doing, you shall value your degree », said Professor Fouda addressing the graduates.

« These young people must be the architects of a new Africa, with new ideas and love of a work well done » according to Professor Fouda Ndjodo the representative of the Minister of Higher Education.  Dr. Patric Anani, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cosendai urged the graduates that « Projects must be accomplished in due time in regards of moral values ». The graduates resolved to meet the challenge in strict compliance with their moto : Inegrity, perseverance and success. Dr, Vicent Same who represented Pastor Elie Weick-Dido, President of the West-Central Africa Division urged the students, the staff and the graduates to trust in a better future.